Commercial Water Heaters



All our commercial SUN EQUINOX systems use the same system design, but are sized appropriately for each demand.

tank imageThe heart of our SUN EQUINOX systems.

An unpressurized, atmospheric tank made of impact resistant plastic. Double shell construction filled with excellent foam insulation.

The tank is filled once with unpressurized tap water without additives. This water is not consumed it is only used as a heat transfer.

The design has optimum water hygiene since the domestic water is entirely contained within the stainless-steel heat exchangers that are heated from the storage tank water. The heat-exchangers are made of corrugated stainless-steel which provides a self-cleaning design to prevent the chance of legionella and other water born illnesses.

The commercial system set-up is a flexible design that allows us to size a system for any demand, this is possible since the tanks can be manifolded together and work as one unit, providing almost limitless capacity.

Adding Solar

solar image
These systems are designed with a very efficient gas heater, then we add the solar contribution. This way we get a properly sized effective energy efficient system all year round.

Incorporating solar to the SUN EQUINOX HEATING SYSTEM is a matter of adding a pump, the solar field, and a few simple connections then the SUN EQUINOX is solar ready.

The SUN EQUINOX is a glycol-free, drain back system that uses Apricus evacuated tube collectors or SolarHot flat plate collect


heater image
We use a number of Noritz tankless water heaters for our commercial systems depending on the demand.

The Noritz is Energy Star qualified and has a double heat exchanger made of stainless-steel and copper that reduces carbon dioxide and improves efficiency up to 93%.


pump imageFor all our commercial applications we use 1/2 hp hydronic circulation pumps by Taco.

Our easy and flexible design allows us to use a one-size-fits-all pump for every application. This is a tried and true method that makes designing the system easier with less chance for failure.

controller imageWe use the SolaStat 2F controller on the SUN EQUINOX commercial set-ups.

This allows us to control and monitor:
Pump— on and off
Temperature— top and bottom of tank
Top out Temperature
Bio safe

We send the controller pre-programmed, but all settings are installer adjustable.