How the system works!

The SUN EQUINOX tank is atmospheric (not under pressure) and perfectly stratified
(hot solar water at the top of the tank and the cold collector water at the bottom). The potable water is completely contained
within the stainless steel heat exchanger coils. The tank can be designed with up to three coils.

The storage tank works by pumping the cold water from the bottom port up to the solar collectors and/or ODW heaters. The hot water is returned back to the top port of the tank where the heated water is stored. When the controller senses the water is hot enough, the pumps turn off and the water drains back into the tank. When the tank needs additional hot water, the pumps simply turn on and the cycle repeats.

For residential systems, when the controller senses the solar collectors are not providing the necessary hot water, a 3 way diverting valve pumps the tank water to the ODW heater and returns the heated water to the top port of the tank.

When there is a demand for DHW, this potable water runs through the stainless steel heat exchanger coils, collecting heat from the storage water in the tank.